Addictive Disorders

it's not about recovering from addiction,

it's about recovering your true identity -

the truth about who you are.

Ester Nicholson

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Substance use becoming a problem?

There are lots of ways substances can become an issue in your life.  Sometimes, a useful prescription has become a point of conflict with family members.  You might be realizing that you have difficulty focusing until you have a drink or take an extra dose of medication.  Maybe you're becoming more irritable with your spouse, coworkers, children, or friends, whether or not you've been ingesting substances.

Whatever the reason, we can help you explore how your use of medication, alcohol, and/or substances is impacting your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Together, we can look at creating a plan that works best for you, whether that means exploring ways to decrease your use, connecting you with a physician or psychiatrist to adjust medications, or working towards a road of recovery.

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Impulsive or Excessive behaviors 

Addictive disorders aren't just about substance use.

Often, addictive disorders can look like impulsive spending, gambling, repeated toxic relationships with others, cleaning (yes, really!), and dysfunctional relationships with food.  Sometimes, these behaviors can come up in early recovery from substance use and dependency.  Other times, there may not be a history of substance use at all.  Nearly always, people feel intense shame about the behavior(s) and the consequences of those behaviors.  

You are Not Alone

Together, we can explore how your behaviors are affecting your ability to think, feel, and connect with yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you.  More importantly, we can explore methods to manage the behaviors to help you regain control in your life.

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There IS a Solution

Fortunately, there is a way to a better life.

In our work together, we may explore how you can check in with yourself, explore any of the fears known and unknown about decreasing or removing substances and/or addictive behaviors from your life, and nurturing healthier connections with your family members, friends, and coworkers.  This may include inviting your spouse to a session or engaging the whole family in therapy to help make the vision of a happy family a reality for you and your loved ones.