Meet our team

Our philosophy:

You are worthy.

You aren't alone.

You can have an amazing, fulfilling, and connected life.

There is nothing you have done, felt, or experienced that can diminish your infinite worth as a human being.


Jessica Moody, LCSW

Jessica is the owner and clinical director at Tempest Therapy Services.  She has extensive experience supporting clients to heal issues related to complex trauma, addictive disorders, and major mental health challenges.  Throughout her work, she has been drawn to advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.   

An an avid reader, mom of 3 kiddos, and Yankee transplant, Jessica has been shaped by each and every one of her experiences, good and not-so-good, and loves to support others in reclaiming their own life stories.

Jessica works with adults 18+ and draws from a variety of therapeutic methods including EMDR, Emotional-Focused [EFIT], and Dialectical Behavior [DBT].  Her therapy style is best summarized as a solution-focused, systems perspective, with an emphasis on how clients engage in their respective families, communities, and environments to support whole-life changes.

Work Experience

Jessica has been practicing as a licensed social worker since 2013 in the following capacities:

Clinical director in residential addiction treatment

Primary & family therapist in residential addiction treatment

Primary therapist in intensive outpatient program for mental health and dual-diagnosis clients

MST-Certified therapist for in-home family therapy with at-risk adolescents

Education & Certification

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

PsychArmor Certified

EMDR Basic Training Parts I & II

Tulane School of Social Work


University of Iowa

B.A. English & History

Marlon Washington, LMSW

I am passionate about empowering people to make positive changes in their lives. Whether you are feeling lost, struggling to change unhealthy behaviors, or hoping to improve relationships, we can work together to create a plan for healing. On my personal journey I have been in recovery for over 20 years, which has motivated me to walk with others on their path of personal growth. I am a licensed clinical social worker, skilled in providing individual and group therapy to adults, adolescents, and families. 

I treat a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic mental illness. I specialize in treating substance abuse and addictive disorders. Over the last 2 years I have incorporated Brainspotting and EMDR into my treatment approach to address trauma as well as psycho-education to support helping clients develop insight and self awareness of core issues. I also work with families who have been affected by addiction. I use a range of therapeutic models including CBT, DBT, twelve-step model, Trauma-informed therapy, Brainspotting, and EMDR. 

Work Experience

Marlon has been practicing as a licensed social worker since 2016 in the following capacities:

Primary therapist in intensive outpatient program for mental health and dual-diagnosis clients

Primary therapist and crisis counselor for residential adolescent addiction recovery

Admissions specialist for residential addiction recovery center

Education & Certification

EMDR Basic Training Part I

Louisiana State University


University of Louisiana at Lafayette

B.A. Sociology

Jada Jackson, LMSW

Jada draws on a lifelong commitment to helping others navigate life's challenges. Armed with a Master of Science in Social Work from Louisiana State University and a Master of Science in Health Promotion from McNeese State University where she competed as a collegiate athlete. Jada leverages over 10 years of experience in social work. Her expertise spans forensic, hospice, and trauma therapy, and she currently guides professional athletes, integrating her knowledge to enhance mental well-being. A dedicated activist, Jada is on a mission for positive community change. Let's work together to navigate life's challenges—your goals are within reach. 

Work Experience

Jada has been practicing as a licensed social worker since 2021 in the following capacities:

Crisis intervention & therapist at inpatient psychiatric facility

Recreation therapist/program manager at inpatient psychiatric facility

Director of Community Relations at therapy center supporting at-risk adolescents, their families, and the community

Activity therapist at psychiatric hospital

Education & Certification

Louisiana State University


McNesse State University

M.S. Health Promotion & Exercise Physiology

B.S. Exercise Science 

Office Support

Conan Moody

Conan is the business manager and technology support at Tempest Therapy Services.  He has been a supporter behind the scenes since Jessica began the practice in 2020, and is excited to be a more active part of the team.  

Conan received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Master's in Higher Education from Louisiana State University.  Following more than a decade in supporting adult learnings entering allied healthcare, Conan is well-versed in identifying and resolving issues related to adult learning and technological challenges specific to our team of therapists and our clients.

As our business manager, Conan runs the administrative aspects of Tempest Therapy, including being the first voice many hear when reaching out to us.  Conan is happy to support current and future clients and their families with questions regarding services, scheduling, billing, and area resources to support our mission of whole-life recovery.